>Thank You Isledegrande.com – Grand Island NY’s # 1 News Source

>I grew up in the wonderful community of Grand Island, NY, surrounded by the Niagara River, Buffalo on one side and Niagara Falls on the other side.

I’m writing to thank Mrs. Teddy Linenfelser, Mr. Pete McMahon, and the Staff of Isledegrande.com for inspiring me to “Pay it forward” by creating NewBernNow.com (NBN).

When I was stationed on the USS Germantown for three years in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Ocean, every once in a blue moon we would be able to access the Internet. We couldn’t use the phone to call home. During those sporadic episodes of Internet access I would access Isledegrande.com to read about the latest news. My folks are elderly and didn’t have an email account, to me; this was the next best thing.

To make a long story short, this terrific website kept me connected to my home town, even if I was half a world away. To this day, I’m a regular visitor to this great website.

After I retired from the Navy, I needed a purpose so I created NBN to keep people connected to New Bern, NC (either residents or visitors). To me, Isledegrande and New Bern Now are key examples of “Unity within the Community”!

Keep up the great work, Isledegrande.com!

Wendy Card

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