Camp Broadway Children hit the streets of New Bern, NC!

While meeting New Bern Now’s “Map Man” Richard Sheridan (owner of the interactive Crystal Coast Discovery Map), we enjoyed a nice surprise!

Children from Aaron Williams’ Camp Broadway came into Port City Java in costume and practiced their British accents with customers. They are very excited for their upcoming performance of The Little Mermaid”.

Assistant Director, Beth Gosnell accompanied the children along with Interns Cressha Jones, Lamair Bryan, and Georgie Blackerby.

Don’t miss “The Little Mermaid” directed by Aaron Williams showing on June 29th at 7pm and 30th at 2pm at the Masonic Theatre, 516 Hancock St., Downtown New Bern.

Camp Broadway is a Youth Program sponsored by RiverTowne Players Rising Stars.

Visit RiverTowne Players website or call 252-634-7877 for tickets and more information.

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Wendy Card

2 thoughts on “Camp Broadway Children hit the streets of New Bern, NC!

  1. Jaelah Hicks says:

    Wendy-thank you so much for grabbing your camera and taking a picture of this! My daughter is doing the camp, actually she’s in the above picture, and she is loving every minute of it! A great experience for any child who loves theatre! Just want to correct the show dates and times for “The Little Mermaid.” The show is actually next Friday the 29th at 7pm and Saturday the 30th at 2pm; not this weekend. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jaelah! They were so adorable that I couldn’t resist besides the fact that I’m a major supporter of RiverTowne Players! Thanks for keeping me straight with the dates. I will make the corrections to the post and community calendar:)!