Find out how you can “Make a Difference”!

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Are you recently unemployed and can’t find a job?

Are you retired and have a need to interact with people?

Or are you employed want to make a difference in the community?

Why not volunteer for one of many non-profit organizations who provide vital services to our community?

You may have never thought about volunteering because you’re too busy.

There are many reasons why people volunteer. Here are some examples:

People volunteer to maintain their skills sets, add to their resumes, social network, give them something to do, feel a sense of accomplishment, to help people, and meet influential people,

Did you know there are different categories of volunteering?

There are “one-time” volunteers, such as those helping set up for a community event; “As needed” volunteers to fill in a couple of hours a month or quarter to answer phones or stuff envelopes; or “Committed” volunteers who delegate x amount of hours a week or month on special projects and events.

Find out how you can make a difference!

Think twice about volunteering may benefit your life and those who need your help, who knows, the opportunity may be a direct match with your needs.

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Wendy Card

One thought on “Find out how you can “Make a Difference”!

  1. Hello, Jackie! Thanks for your kind words. It was great seeing you at Thea’s Christmas in July. For people who want to volunteer for this year’s “Beary Merry Christmas”, they can contact Janet at 252-349-6198 or Amanda at 252-671-1196. For those who don’t know, this is the new Christmas theme for Downtown New Bern and replaces the “Dickens of a Christmas” theme. – Wendy Card