New Bern, NC – On Saturday, October 27, author, historian, and culinary expert Richard Foss explores the world of food and drink through the eyes of author Jane Austen. From the white soup served at the Netherfield Ball, to Mr. Woodhouse’s partiality for well-boiled pork and the feast of savory pies served by the jovial Musgroves at Uppercross, the world portrayed in Jane Austen’s books was one of elaborate banquets, sumptuous parties and good eating. Yet Austen actually provided very few details on just what was consumed at those events, and some of the items she did describe are unfamiliar to the modern reader. Food and beverage writer Richard Foss will supply some of the details Austen left out – what refreshments, both alcoholic and non-intoxicating, were imbibed by the various social classes in England of 1800, and how Austen indicated the character of her characters from the things they chose to drink, or to serve. This lecture was first given at the annual meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America in Los Angeles in December of 2010.

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