New Bern Artworks & Company features work by Lincoln Perry and Ann Beattie

Laura Johnson and Jim Bisbee

Laura Johnson and Jim Bisbee

Listen to Laura Johnson’s interview with Jim Bisbee, local potter and partner of New Bern Artworks and Company Fine Art Gallery for New Bern Now’s “Community Segments”, being aired on WNOS Talk Radio station 105.9FM and 1450AM:

Laura had the pleasure of talking with Jim Bisbee about New Bern Artworks and Company’s current exhibit of works by artist, Lincoln Perry and writer, Ann Beattie. This special exhibit runs April 30.

Jim described Lincoln as a “very talented, diverse individual. His paintings are magnificent, and his sculptural work is extremely fine”.

“Each of Perry’s new sculptures portrays a couple: joined, flailing, plummeting. They are at once both gorgeous and haunting. Their demure size pulls the viewer closer, focing an intimate interaction with the doomed couples. Shown in suits and dresses, there is an implied backstory of these men and women before their fall. In that poignant then, there is a kind of hope-within-hopelessness, like that found in the first lines of Jack Gilbert’s poem “Failing and Flying”: Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew”. – Lincoln Perry

Jim said, Author Ann Beattie is Lincoln’s wife and is “an equally well known as a writer and she was kind enough to do a book signing for one of her books which is a series of short stories she did for New York Magazine”.

Ann Beattie’s work includes numerous novels, story collections, various publications, and has received many honorable awards for her exceptional writing. Ann is also a teacher. She’s taught at the University of Virginia, Harvard, Briggs – Copeland Lecturer on English, Northwestern University and other universities. Her work has been translated into many languages. – Ann Beattie

Visit New Bern Artworks and Company Fine Art Gallery! They are open Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm and Saturday from 10am – 5:00pm. They are located at 323 Pollock St., Downtown New Bern. If you have any questions, call 252-634-9002 or visit their website: and Facebook page.

Special thanks to Jim Bisbee for taking the time to share the latest happening at New Bern Artworks and Company! I’d also like to thank Laura Johnson for volunteering your time to create these “Community Segments”!

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