Fall Festival at Bright Star Farm

UPDATE: Festival Rescheduled for October 10th
Fall Festival at Bright Star Farm

The Fall Festival at Bright Star Farm is a celebration of National Alpaca Farm Days and holistic health. A featured keynote speaker will be Jennifer Murphy, DC, DICCP of Pink Hill Chiropractic. The Pink Hill Chiropractic’s mission is to “sow the world a better way to live, laugh, and love through a more natural existence.” Giving alternatives to medicine and surgery, the practice offers a whole health approach. Dr. Murphy is known for treating patients with complete truth and respect. She has also traveled to many places to provide Christian Chiropractic care to those in need. She will be speaking on how to raise children prescription-free.

There will also be local vendors to show off their crafts and products including natural products, homemade crafts, and much more. There will be farm animals for children to pet and feed along with learning about how to care for them. Learn about Alpaca fur and all the things this hypo-allergenic material can be made into!

Learn about essential oils from Connie Carlton, CCC SPL. Carlton is the owner and manager of Bright Star Farm, a licensed Speech Therapist, and Senior Distributor with Young Living. After being diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease in 2012, Connie took a reevaluation on her health and started to look more into holistic health. Among that search was Young Living. Essential Oils have helped her recover from injury, manage Lyme’s Disease, and grow her knowledge of holistic health. She will be sharing education on oils and knowledge about how they can help you on your holistic health journey.

This is a free event that will be packed full of education, crafts, animals, and most of all, fun! The event will be held at Bright Star Farm, 208 Pleasant Hill Road, Trenton, NC 28585. Vendors and volunteers interest in participating should email Alissa or Connie.

Submitted by: Alissa Bowditch, Bright Star Farm

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