N.C. Wesleyan College to Offer Adult Degree Program at Craven Community College

NC Wesleyan College

Adults looking to expand upon their education and earn a bachelor’s degree in Craven County are now able to do so without altering their personal lives or demanding work schedules due to the exciting partnership between North Carolina Wesleyan College (NCWC) and Craven Community College (CCC). This partnership was formally announced in the summer of 2015 with classes starting for the fall 2015 semester.

Through NCWC’s program, adult students have the benefit of earning a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious private college without leaving their hometown. They receive the benefits of a large school in a small school setting which align with the unique needs of an adult learner. NCWC’s program offers a flexible schedule with classes that meet one-night-a-week and online options in today’s hottest industries. Majors include: Accounting*; Business Administration; Organizational Administration; Computer Information Systems*; Criminal Justice; Marketing*; Psychology, offered at our Washington location; and Elementary Education, offered at our Wilmington location. (* indicates major requirements are offered solely online.)

“We have been in adult education since the 1970’s and changed our strategy about four years ago to start bringing education to people in their hometowns.  Our passion is adult students, we will go to the extreme to help them be successful,” said Dr. Evan Duff, Vice President of Adult Studies for NCWC.  “Some students had to put life ahead of their education several years ago and our program provides an opportunity for them to attain their educational goals,” Duff concluded.

NCWC’s ASPIRE program is a leader among its competitors where their students come first with the goal of providing top notch education with unparalleled student support at an affordable price.

If you are interested in finding out additional information about NCWC’s ASPIRE program we encourage you to please contact our on-campus advisor, Tina Cliffe, who holds office hours in the BIT building room 116C on Monday-Friday. She can be reached via email or 252-772-4044.
Submitted by: Tina Cliffe, North Carolina Wesleyan College

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