Tryon Palace Holds African American Heritage Tour of 20 Historic Locations

African American Heritage TourNew Bern tour to begin at Waystation on Sunday, Nov. 19

Tryon Palace’s African American Heritage Tour will lead visitors on a walking tour to more than 20 historic locations around the heart of downtown New Bern at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19.

“These tours are very important to visitors because they need to know what has taken place in this town and who is responsible for making things happen in the past. I encourage everyone, young or old, to learn of the rich history New Bern has,” said Sharon Bryant, Tryon Palace African American Outreach Coordinator.

New Bern served as a haven for many African Americans during the early stages of the Civil War after Union forces occupied the city in 1862. The city’s African American population was the majority population in the area from 1800 to the 1930s, allowing the African American community to thrive in New Bern. Many of the city’s houses and public buildings were built by African American craftsmen, while the city was also home to some of the oldest African American congregations in the Southeast.

Tours begin at the Waystation, located on the corner of George and Pollock streets, at 2 p.m. Tickets are included with the purchase of a One Day Pass, or may be purchased separately. Admission is free for Tryon Palace Foundation members.

For more information call 252-639-3500 or visit

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Submitted by: Chelsea Payne, Marketing Specialist, Tryon Palace

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