>Interview with Lance Hoppen of Orleans – "You’re Still the One"


Thea Kincaid and I had the pleasure of talking with Lance Hoppen, co-founder, singer, songwriter, and bassist for the band Orleans.

Orleans stole the hearts of many fans in the 1970s and they are “still havin’ fun” performing around the World today!

Founded in February 1972, Orleans will celebrate their Anniversary in New Bern with their first show of their 40th year!

Thea asked Lance if they were, in fact, still having fun after all these years and he responded, “That’s our motto. Who knew that song (Still the One) would become not only anthemic for a lot things and a lot of people, but for ourselves.”

In its formative stage, Orleans was made of a trio consisting of John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Wells Kelly. Lance joined the band 9 months later right out of High School in the fall of 1972. They began recording their first album in the summer of 1973.

Lance explained, the band “has gone thru several incarnations. Co-founder John Hall left in 1977 to pursue a solo career. We re-grouped and had another hit with Love Takes Time. There were several versions of the band after that; one with a guitarist out of Boston named Dennis ‘Fly’ Amero.”

“John came back to Orleans in 1984. Interestingly enough, when Wells Kelly (our original drummer and much more than that) passed away in the fall of 1984, there was a memorial service that Larry and John attended. They found themselves on stage together for the first time in seven years and it was magic for them. John decided that we should all reconvene. That led to an album in Nashville in 1985. John was with Larry and me from 1984 – 2006, when he was elected as a US Congressman out of NY and served two terms.”

“In 2006, the band became Larry, myself, Dennis “Fly” Amero (again), our younger brother Lane and our world-class drummer, Charlie Morgan, who previously did a 14 year stint with Elton John. Lane and Charlie have been with us since about 2000.”

Orleans created the following top hits: Still The One, Dance With Me, Let There Be Music, Love Takes Time, and Reach among many more!

We are excited to meet Lance and Orleans in person on February 4, 2012 and help them celebrate their 40th Anniversary in New Bern! Join us by getting your tickets today!

Contact the New Bern Historical Society at 252-638-8558 or visit their website to buy tickets or find out more information: http://newbernhistorical.org/legends-in-concert-2012/.

Visit the Orleans website: http://www.orleansonline.com to see their tour dates, video, history, email list, purchase products, etc.

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