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I’ve attended many memorial services honoring the late Martin Luther King, Jr., but I will never forget today’s service! I truly hope this video can capture how invigorating the guest speaker, Pastor Molly Davis was. She had the attention of over two hundred people at Clinton Chapel AME Zion Church in the small City of New Bern, NC.

We were energized and joyful as she reflected on the life of the late Dr. Martin Luther King. The theme was “Making the Dream a Reality” and she brought people to their feet reciting Dr. King’s incredible accomplishments.

Pastor Davis reminded us that we can overcome any obstacle – Martin Luther King did!

He grew up during segregation, graduated from a segregated school, graduated from Morehouse University, became the President of the NAACP and the SCLC, led 250,000 people to march on Washington, DC, where he gave his prolific “I have a dream” speech, was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and his actions ultimately influenced the US Supreme Court to enact the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It’s time for us to set aside our differences and come together as a Nation as Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of. If he could do it with the obstacles he faced during desolate times, we can too!

Let’s pay tribute to him by paying it forward and opening our minds and hearts to the ideas of others. Who knows what roads could be paved when our political parties find common ground.

Let’s set aside our egos and get back to what our Country is all about, we are called the “United States” for a reason.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee did a fantastic job coordinating the service that included a line-up of guest speakers from churches throughout Eastern North Carolina. Pastor Davis presides over Burning Bush United Holy Church in Vanceboro and her husband, Bishop T.L. Davis, is the Pastor of the Progressive Free Will Baptist Church in Greenville. Other participants included: Minister Claudette Harrell, Associate Mt. Calvary MB Church; Reverend Peggy Covington, Associate, First Missionary Baptist Church; Master Steven White, West Street Christian Church; Sister Betty Sanders, UPHC, James City; Elder Albert Almore, St. John Missionary Baptist Church; and Pastor Jace Cox, Clinton Chapel AMEZ Church.

Special thanks to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee Members: President Denise Dale; Vice-President Ronnie Lovick; Secretary Linda Godette; Treasurer William Lloyd; Asst. Treasurer Vonzietta Lloyd; Parade Chairman Irlie Brazzel; Advertising Victor Taylor; Fundraising Chairman Evelyn Fisher; Co-Chairman Scholarships Sandy Gray; Harshee Fleming; Parshee Wojht; Betty Murphy; Alex Carmon; Junior Allen; Rosalyn Fisher; Stephanie Lovick; and Reverend DeVes Toon. I’d also like to recognize the wonderful performances by the choir, Voices of Restoration!
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