>Vote for your Favorite Charity – Win a Video Spotlight!


It’s hard to keep up with all the 501 (c)(3) non-profit agencies in the Greater New Bern area! There are so many good causes and they all need exposure to help spread their word.

Thea Kincaid of Thea’s Ideas (the face of New Bern Now) and I decided to launch a contest to shine the Video Spotlight to the winner for free (normally $100). The contest begins immediately and will run until midnight, February 19th.

Rules: You can vote once a day and you must include your name (to make sure people are voting once) and the non-profit’s name. Tell us who your favorite non-profit is via email, comment below, or comment on New Bern Now’s Facebook page and help your charity receive more exposure in the community!

Here’s a list of the 501 (c)(3) non-profits that I’m aware of:
- Arc of Craven County, 2131 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6, New Bern, 252-636-3411
Harold Bate Foundation, 605 Broad St., New Bern, 252-638-1998
CarolinaEast Foundation, PO Box 1576, New Bern, 28563, 252-633-8247
Carolina Chamber Music Festival, 252-626-5419
- Catholic Charities Senior Pharmacy Program, 502 Middle St., New Bern, 252-638-3657
Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross, 35 Shoreline Dr., River Bend, 252-637-3405
- Coastal Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention, New Bern, 252-808-5878
- Coastal Community Action, 252-223-1661
Coastal Women’s Shelter, 1333 S. Glenburnie Rd., New Bern, 252-638-4509
Colonial Capital Humane Society, PO Box 326, New Bern, 28563, 252-633-0146
- Craven Arts Council, 317 Middle St., New Bern, 252-638-2577
Craven Community College Foundation, 800 College Ct, New Bern, 252-638-7210
Craven Concerts Inc, PO Box 12213, New Bern, 28561, 252-637-1119
Craven County Branch NAACP, PO Box 13116, New Bern, 25861, 252-633-3422
- Craven County Chapter of Project Linus, New Bern, 252-626-9710
Craven County Cooperative Extension, 300 Industrial Dr., New Bern, 252-633-1477
Craven County Habitat for Humanity, 930 Pollock St., New Bern, 252-633-5512

- Craven Smart Start, 2111F Neuse Blvd., New Bern, 252-638-2984

- Creekside Recreational Therapy Services, P.O. Box 12153, New Bern, 28561, 252-349-0220
Eastern Carolina Council, 233 Middle St. 3rd floor, New Bern, 252-638-3185
Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board, 1341 S. Glenburnie Rd., New Bern, 252-636-6901
Eastern Pregnancy Information Clinic, 727-A Professional Dr., New Bern, 252-638-4673
Focus Therapy, Inc., 3310-A Neuse Blvd., New Bern, 252-672-8676
- The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina at New Bern, 205 Glenburnie Rd., New Bern,
Interfaith Refugee Ministry, 1233 Colony Dr., New Bern, 252-633-9009
Legal Aid of North Carolina, 213 Pollock St., New Bern, 252-637-9502
The Little Red Bookmobile Inc, New Bern, 252-635-1665
Merci Clinic Inc, 1315 Tatum Dr., New Bern, 252-633-1599
Monarch, 1308 Commerce Dr., New Bern, 252-634-1715
Neuse River Community Development Corporation, Inc.., 248 Craven St. 3rd floor, 252-639-7582
Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation, 1307 Country Club Rd., New Bern, 252-637-7972
Neuse River Bridge Run, 252-637-7136
- New Bern Civic Theatre, 412 Pollock St., New Bern, 252-634-9057
- New Bern Civitan Club, New Bern
- New Bern – Craven County Library, 400 Johnson St., New Bern, 252-638-7800
New Bern Historical Society, 512 Pollock St., New Bern, 252-638-8558
New Bern Preservation Foundation Inc, 510-B Pollock St., New Bern, 252-633-6448
North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, 3301-E Trent Rd., New Bern, 252-634-1927
- Pals for Paws, New Bern, 252-638-2358
Phoenix House Inc, 506 Cypress St., New Bern, 252-638-2615
Promise Place, New Bern, 252-636-3381
Radio Reading Service for Print Handicapped, 252-633-5725
Ratio Theatre Company, New Bern, 252-626-0358
Religious Community Services, 919 George Street, New Bern, 252-633-2767
RiverTowne Players, 514 Hancock St., New Bern, 252-634-7877
Safe Kids Craven County, New Bern, 252-633-6073 or 252-672-0309
The Salvation Army, 1402 Rhem Ave., New Bern, 252-637-2277
STAFF House (Shepherds That Attend Father’s Flock). New Bern, 252-633-HELP
Sudan Shriners, 403 E. Front St., New Bern, 252-637-5197
Swiss Bear Downtown Development, 316 S. Front St., New Bern, 252-638-5781
Uptown Business and Professional Association, PO Box 14182, New Bern, 25861, 252-633-9053
United Way of Coastal Carolina, 601 Broad St., New Bern, 252-637-2460
The Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center of Eastern Carolina, 1312 Old Cherry Point Rd., 252-638-4646

- Tryon Civitan Club, New Bern
- Tryon Palace, 529 S. Front St., New Bern, 252-639-3500

*** Please know, there are hundreds of community groups in the area and they aren’t all 501 (c)(3) non-profits. I’m sure I’m missing some. If I didn’t include your charity please send me their contact information in an email and I’ll add them to the list. I need your help to update New Bern Now’s website to separate tax exempt organizations and community groups.

Current videos have the potential to reach over 20,000 visitors!

Learn more about Video Spotlights on New Bern Now here. Check out our previous Video Spotlights on Local Businesses and Non-Profits here.

Thanks for supporting our community and visiting New Bern Now!

Wendy Card

About New Bern Now
Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Card, founded New Bern Now in April 2009. There were a number of reasons she developed the website. While stationed in Washington DC, she had 30 days to transfer to Naval Hospital Cherry Point and didn’t know much about the area. She was frustrated because there wasn’t a central location on the Internet for information about New Bern. Wendy retired from the Navy in Oct 2007. When our economy dived, she was trying to find her way in life and decided to give back to the community by creating a website that provided a “One Stop, Information Shop” to help people find out what’s happening in our community along with creating a free business listing to help business owners who couldn’t afford to advertise.

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