New Bern Now’s October Quarterly Ledger is available online!

We are happy to announce that the October – December Quarterly Ledger publication is available online, in color! Hardcopies will be distributed throughout the Greater New Bern area next week.

Some people think that New Bern Now is staffed with a lot of people. I’m proud of the fact that five of my friends (with numerous special talents and backgrounds) have teamed up with me to provide quality information. The fact is; I’m the only writer/editor for the Ledger.

That’s why I would like to send a special thank you to everyone in our community who contributed to this Quarter’s – October 2012 Ledger Publication, as it’s filled with valuable information!

I really appreciate our sponsors for their support! Without them, we couldn’t afford to print the 20 page area guide that’s distributed at the Airport and numerous locations throughout the Greater New Bern area.

This isn’t just for visitors, as most of the information was provided by locals!

The Ledger was sent to Griffin & Tilghman Printers and should hit the streets next week!

Please feel free to send us your input so we can improve for the next edition due out in January 2013. We welcome constructive feedback!

Tell us what you think by commenting below or sending us an email. Visit New Bern Now’s Facebook Page and “Like” it to stay up to date on the latest community happenings in New Bern!

Thank you,

Wendy Card

About New Bern Now
Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Card, founded New Bern Now in April 2009. There were a number of reasons she developed the website. While stationed in Washington DC, she had 30 days to transfer to Naval Hospital Cherry Point and didn’t know much about the area. She was frustrated because there wasn’t a central location on the Internet for information about New Bern. Wendy retired from the Navy in Oct 2007. When our economy dived, she was trying to find her way in life and decided to give back to the community by creating a website that provided a “One Stop, Information Shop” to help people find out what’s happening in our community along with creating a free business listing to help business owners who couldn’t afford to advertise.

4 thoughts on “New Bern Now’s October Quarterly Ledger is available online!

  1. Love the updates on twitter and Facebook Wendy. Enjoying the website changes too!

  2. Wendy, I’m always excited about getting my copy of the New Bern Now Ledger in print and online – it’s a great resource for keeping up with everything going on in our busy city by the water. Advertising in the Ledger has been productive for our company and I thank you for publishing the news about our seminars and services. Thank you for all that you do!

  3. Dona, I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the Ledger. I really appreciate you being one of the special sponsors who have supported New Bern Now. I couldn’t afford to pay for the Ledger without advertisers like you:)! You’ve also been instrumental in spreading the word about NBN. Thanks for all you do! – Wendy Card

  4. Jeff, thanks for supporting New Bern Now! I really appreciate positive feedback! – Wendy Card

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