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Increase your business or non profit’s exposure, enhance your brand, and support our local community by advertising with us!

New Bern Now’s Ledger and website’s information comes from the people of the Greater New Bern area and beyond.

The Ledger reaches your customer base. Someone can read it at the   Doctors or Dentists Office, Airport, Pharmacy, Library, Hair Salons, Cafes and Restaurants, Auto Repair shops, etc.

Here’s why you should be advertising with New Bern Now:

– You can promote your business for as low as $13 per month, that’s only $150 for the year.

– We publish quarterly, so you decide your own advertising schedule for the year.

– Advertising on a quarterly basis, so you don’t have to commit to a year contract.

– You can mix up your advertising options as we can combine both Ledger and online advertising. That way, you choose what package is right for you.

– The Ledger is viewed by thousands of readers!


We print 3,000 Ledgers, but we estimate that at least 17,500 people actually read the hardcopies because they are shared in waiting rooms, with friends, and families.

The Ledger is available in print and the online edition is available in full color with hyperlinks to websites. New Bern Now’s website, magazine, podcast, and our social media sites receive over 50,000+ visitors per month. That’s a lot of local people looking for local information.

*** If you prefer to advertise with other local publications, ask them if your ad will be seen online. As most of us know, a large percent of the population searches for information online. We try to do our best to use our online presence to reach more people to promote your organization.

Ledger Advertising Rates and Specifications per quarter (available in both print and on the Internet including a link to your website on New Bern Now’s homepage and other pages:

– standard ad (online version in color; hardcopy black and white) $150

– standard color ad – $250

Please let us know if you’re interested in other advertising opportunities.


Website Advertising Rates per month:

Standard page:

$100   343 wide x 348 high pixels

$75     343 wide x 248 high pixels

$50     343 wide x 148 high pixels

Home page: $200 343 wide x 348 high pixels

$150   343 wide x 248 high pixels

$100   343 wide x 148 high pixels

If you want to advertise, we will need your artwork (advertisement) no later than December 15, 2017 for the January – March 2018 Ledger magazine. Please contact us prior to then so we can make sure there’s an advertisement space for you. First come, first served. Please send all artwork in .jpg format in press quality RGB.

New Bern Now has been a “labor of love” for over 8 years. We strive to provide the most up to date and valuable information to our community. With that comes costs. By advertising with New Bern Now you reach people looking for local information and also support our efforts to help promote the Greater New Bern area.

Please contact us via email or call 252-638-6858 for more information about advertising with New Bern Now and supporting our local community.

Thank you,

Wendy Card, Publisher

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