>City of New Bern Election Results

>Congratulations are in order for the winners of the City of New Bern Elections for Mayor and Alderman, although there is the question of run-off elections pending. The best of luck for those effected by the run-off elections.

Mayor Bayliss 49% – Lee Bettis at 45%. Lee Bettis requested a run-off election because Candidates have to receive 50% of the vote.

Alderman, Ward 1, Sabrina Bengel

Alderman, Ward 2, Victor Taylor

Alderman, Ward 3, Denny Bucher

Alderman, Ward 4, Johnny Ray Kinsey at 40% and Joan Bottcher at 30%. Joan Bottcher requested a run-off election.

Alderman, Ward 5, Bernard White

Alderman, Ward 6, Dana Outlaw

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