>Is There a Community Service in New Bern for Senior Residents to Ask for Administrative Assistance?

Conversing with a friend today, the topic of senior citizen assistance came up. My friend, who’s lived here longer than I, stated that she didn’t believe there was a community service in New Bern to assist senior citizens with minor administrative functions.

This subject is close to heart because I have parents in their early 80s so the needs of seniors are important to me. Not only because I want to help seniors, but because I may live that long and would like to have those services available to me.

Does anyone know of a non-profit organization in New Bern or the surrounding area that services seniors who need assistance with reading and possibly challenging their bills (medical, electric, prescription, etc.)?

For example, let’s say I’m 75 and suffering from mild dementia, my spouse is blind, we live in a single family home, and our combined income is $19,000 per year. We receive enough money where our income is above the poverty level, but barely. With the cost of healthcare, prescriptions, house maintenance, food, clothing, etc.), we cannot afford to hire a financial planner or someone to come in and take care of our administrative tasks.

So the question is what does someone in this situation do? Are any of you in the same boat as the example? If so, who do you turn to for help?

With the senior population as high as it is in New Bern, I look forward to hearing if there’s a solution to this problem.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget about the MUMFest! I’m really looking forward to it!

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