Let’s Come Together as a Community

Times are tough. We all know that. That’s all we hear in the media, in the grocery stores, and among local residents.

It’s time to change. I’ve been very apprehensive using that word because it can be perceived by some people that change is bad. Not always. Think about the Industrial Revolution. It changed the World. Without it, think about where we would be today.

If we don’t change the way we view other human beings, something very BAD will happen. It’s only a matter of time. Whatever happened to the old adage “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”? I was raised that way and try to do it whenever I’m in a difficult situation. Although looking back at times, I haven’t been as vigilant as I should have been!

I was very pleased by the discussion on “Carmen Andersen, Just Your Average New Bern Bear” Blog. Not only because her article attracted the most comments (10) on New Bern Now’s Blog; but it was a civil dialogue among local residents and an Alderman Candidate for Ward 4 with different points of view. It also was very educational for those of us who don’t understand or aren’t aware of the interworking of the City of New Bern’s Government. Thank you, Carmen, Rodgerbiz, and Anonymous, for the respectful dialogue. Please note, I’m not a resident of Ward 4 and am not representing Carmen Andersen as a candidate. This is just my perception of the Blog.

There are some very volatile issues in America today. I’m not going to discuss them because I remain neutral on this blog. My request, if we want to improve New Bern’s economic/societal situation, we have to agree to disagree and remember that we are Americans! Let’s show the rest of the Nation that we can overcome any situation and get past the anger by treating each other respectfully.

Please feel free to comment, as always, you may remain Anonymous with any posts. Thank You.

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