Interview with Singer, Songwriter, and Professor Livingston Taylor

Livingston Taylor interview with Lisa Bisbee-Lentz and Wendy Card

Livingston Taylor by Mim Adkins 2017 with overlay image of Wendy Card and Lisa Bisbee Lentz

Lisa Bisbee-Lentz and I had the honor of interviewing the legendary Livingston Taylor about his life, passions, and upcoming concert in New Bern on April 12, 2018.

If you didn’t know, Isaac Taylor is Livingston’s great, great, great grandfather and we did the interview from inside the Isaac Taylor House, which Lisa and her husband, Mike Lentz own.

Listen here:

Livingston wears many hats. He’s a songwriter, singer, storyteller, professor, and during the interview, we found out that he’s a pilot as he was doing maintenance of his Cessna when we called.

During the interview, Livingston told us that he’s been to New Bern several times over the years and he’s very excited to be coming back.

When asked what he prefers to do the most, he said, “nothing gets me higher than when I’m writing a song”. Next to that, he “loves to be on stage and spending time with his audiences, greeting them, and letting people know “how much their presence has lifted my life.” “It’s fundamental to who I am and what I do, is to be able to have that relationship.”

Lisa mentioned an interview that Livingston did with Paul Leslie in 2014 and referred to a question about his students. Livingston told us, “You’re always telling a story when you walk on stage.” “Try, if possible, to let the story that you tell, be the story that’s contained in your music, in your songs, otherwise the story becomes about you. It can be about you a little bit, but you really want your creativity to be the center of attention.”

They also talked about inspiration, motivation, and what it takes to become a creator. Livingston said, “Great art is the result of wealth concentration talent”.

It was enlightening, especially when Livingston said, “This quest for knowledge, for truth, for enlightenment, for clarity, it’s a profound journey that we’re all on, if we’re functioning well. It’s very good. It’s a real help to know if you want to learn something, that you don’t know very much”.

We’re looking forward to seeing Livingston perform on April 12th at 7 p.m. at the New Bern Riverfront Convention!

Special thank you goes out to The New Bern Historical Society as they’ve worked very hard preparing for their annual fundraising concert which will also feature Lewis n Clark!

Limited tickets are available at all levels, at the New Bern Historical Society office at 511 Broad St., by phone at 252-638-8558 or online at General tickets are $38 plus tax and $58 plus tax for preferred seating. Students with ID up to age 26 are $28 plus tax. VIP seating and sponsorships are available that include seating in the front, center section and a champagne reception at the Isaac Taylor House.

Learn more about Livingston Taylor by visiting his website:

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