Livingston Taylor sings “The Rainbow Connection” during Concert in New Bern

Livingston Taylor wears many hats. If you saw him on the street, you may not know that he’s a legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and performer. He’s not interested in fame. He enjoys observing his surroundings by staying low key without being the center of attention. On his downtime, he wants to be an ordinary man and isn’t boastful. He was outside of the Convention Center welcoming fans waiting for the doors to open two hours before the concert started.

Livingston told me that he “loves to be on stage and spending time with his audiences, greeting them, and letting people know how much their presence has lifted my life.” “It’s fundamental to who I am and what I do, is to be able to have that relationship.”

He’s also a Professor at the Berklee College of Music. If you know anyone who likes being in the limelight, they should consider signing up for his Stage Performance class to learn from the Master! He also has a very interesting book that we all can learn from called “Stage Performance” that you can purchase (along with CDs) on his website.

I’ve seen many concerts, but I believe Livingston is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. I say that because he has a gift of inciting our emotions as he had us laughing, learning, chair dancing, singing and laughing more!

His music varied from storytelling, folk, jazz, gospel, all while playing the guitar or the piano. Some of his songs included “First Time Love”, “Kitty Hawk, December 1903”, “You Are Why We Love”, “Yes”, “I Must Be Doing Something Right”, “Guitar Olympics”, “Carolina in My Mind”, “Railroad Bill, and many more!

If you didn’t know, Isaac Taylor is his great-great-great Grandfather and the day was especially momentous as Livingston visited the Isaac Taylor House and Gardens at 228 Craven Street that was built in 1792.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if Livingston and very talented musical siblings: James, Kate, and Hugh perform with Livingston in the Isaac Taylor Gardens!

It was an awesome concert and we would like to thank Livingston along with the New Bern Historical Society, and everyone involved in making this a wonderful event!

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Wendy Card

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