Veterans Organic Garden: Hurricane Florence Damage

Veterans Organic Garden Hurricane FlorenceFirst and foremost, please do not stop anything that you are doing to save, feed or shelter anyone.

I am just putting this information out so that if you can assist in any way we would appreciate your help. For many of you this is just information.

The Veterans Organic Garden suffered extensive damage and we are just getting started on the clean-up.

The Veterans Stand-down is cancelled until further notice but will be rescheduled. The Recreation Center where we were going to hold the event took on 2 feet of water and will need long term renovation.

We are located in the ball field and took on 4 feet of water. We have launched a Go Fund me page and will start digging out this Friday and Saturday and will host volunteers each Friday and Saturday until we get this done so there is no rush.

Again please do not stop what you are doing to assist in the primary Hurricane Florence clean-up but once you are finished please check back at our website at to assist in any way possible.

Stay dry and safe!

Submitted by: Lovay Wallace-Singleton, Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden

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