Important Resources:

  • North Carolina Wildlife Commission for season dates, special lotteries, wildlife management areas, etc.
  • The Croatan National Forest Ranger’s Station, 141 E. Fisher Ave., New Bern, 252-638-5628
  • The US Department of Agriculture’s Natioanl Forest website for brochures, recreational maps, and more information.

Things for Hunters to think about:

  • Be safe and remember the basics during Hunting Seasons. Park on the side of the road that you will be hunting on in case rescuers need to search for you.
  • Preserve our Croatan National Forest by cleaning up after yourself and reporting illegal activity to the Ranger’s Station.
  • If you are a deer hunter and you recently moved here, a lot of hunt clubs and individuals hunt with dogs. Mostly on the weekends, so if you are a lonesome deer hunter, it may be best to hunt during the week.
  • New to the area? Make sure you have a topographical map and a GPS or compass because it’s easy to get turned around in the Croatan.
  • Sportsman’s Toy Store sells unique and standard hunting supplies. They’re also a great source of information on field and stream opportunities in the area!
  • Be on the look out for poisonous snakes, there’s a wide variety in the Croatan. Species include: cottonmouth water moccasin, canebrake rattlesnake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, and the copperhead. If you’re in the swamps, you may run across an alligator.

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