Lee Bettis for Mayor of New Bern

Lee Bettis
Lee Bettis, New Bern Mayoral candidate believes the role of the Mayor to be simply stated – Leadership. When asked his vision of New Bern, he stated “a city with a vibrant self-sustaining economy, a responsive and respected government and an involved and proactive citizenry”. This vision includes vital historic districts, a downtown filled with […]
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We’re Bear Town Bear Hunting

Attention all River Benders! We are hunting for donations from community residents to purchase a bear to represent River Bend during New Bern’s 300th Anniversary. We could “bag our bear” if one hundred donors join us in our hunt and donate just $30each, but donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted. The deadline to […]
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>Hwy 70 Corridor Project

>Guest Blogger: Mr. Rodger Whitney There was an interesting meeting on Thursday night at Brinson regarding these spots in particular and touching on the entire “Super 70” idea. 70 Corridor Project, James City area After listening to the discussion on 9-10-09, I did some research and made some observations. I hope you do not mind […]
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