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Thanksgiving Wines

Savi's Thanksgiving Wines
How do you pair wine with all those different thanksgiving flavors? There is a simple and elegant solution.  Pour great wine. When you serve well-balanced wine with depth, flavor, and a delicious finish, each sip adds to the gastronomic experience. At Savi’s, we’ve selected five Thanksgiving wines.  Two beautiful whites, two lighter-style reds, and a […]
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Savi’s Wine & Cheese Shop in New Bern

Savi's Wine and Cheese Shop
Did you know there is a wine membership club right here in New Bern? Cammie Lee, the owner of Savi’s Wine & Cheese on Pollock street, two blocks from Tryon Palace says her place is all about wine, food, and friends. She opens her heart and her historic 1770’s home to residents and visitors.  She […]
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