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Pepsi Collectors Plan Celebration in New Bern

East Coast Pepsi Connection
Who around here just loves their Pepsi-Cola?  These folks do too and a lot more… Well, they love Pepsi-Cola so much, they drink Pepsi and only Pepsi, they sit around and talk about Pepsi, they learn the history of Pepsi and they collect Pepsi memorabilia.  Yes, the tasty beverage, Pepsi-Cola, invented right here in New […]
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Poultry At Lavender Cottage

Poultry at Lavender Cottage
Poultry at Lavender Cottage by Brenda Hooks Harris is a new Children’s book primarily written for the 7-11 age group but is suitable for all ages. It is about the coming of age of a young Bantam hen growing up in an English Country Garden. What is the purpose of Poultry at Lavender Cottage? Poultry […]
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