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Discovering Mindfulness with Heather Noto: Getting Started

Discovering Mindfulness with Heather Noto
Mindfulness has grabbed the headlines, magazine covers, and is the theme of countless workshops. From corporations to elementary school classrooms, individuals are learning this practice called mindfulness. Personally, I believe mindfulness seized the headlines and our attention because we are running too hard, too fast, and in too many directions. We are bombarded by email, text […]
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Social Media Summit: Community Resources

Panel 4 - Social Media Summit
During our 4th Panel, we learned how non-profits can promote their organizations. We also found out how Craven Community College’s Small Business Center and The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County can help your business and/or non-profit. These videos are provided as a refresher for attendees and those who missed a day of learning, fun, and […]
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