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5 Healthy Salad Recipes by Kate Horney

Healthy Living with Kate Horney
Plenty of fresh produce and yummy fruits and veggie lead to healthy salad recipes. But salads can often have more calories than you think! Here’s a quick roundup of 5 Healthy Salad Recipes that are far from boring! 1: Pasta-Free “Pasta” Salad Ingredients: – 1 (29 oz) can chopped tomatoes with basil and oregano – 2 large cucumbers, quartered and […]
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5 Fruit and Herb Infused Drinks

Drink Recipes by Kate Horney
Experts say to drink at least ½ your body weight of water in ounces… Here are a few ways you can jazz your water up a bit and make it more interesting to quench your thirst and cool your body! Items needed: – 2 quart pitcher – Wooden spoon or muddler – ice – fruit […]
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Healthy Toddler Snacks by Kate Horney

Healthy Toddler Snacks
Toddlers have tiny hands. They have tiny feet, and they have tiny tummies. When it comes to healthy nutrition for toddlers, I’ve seen many moms completely forget the fact that their little one has a small stomach. In an effort not to “ruin their appetite” for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, many moms who have weaned their […]
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4 Tips to De-Bloat Fast by Kate Horney

Reducing Bloating Tips
Let’s be honest for a second: we’ve all felt bloated or puffy at one time or another. When you’ve had a few too many nutritional indulges, the result is often feeling (and looking) bloated – and it’s not fun. Here’s the bad news: when you indulge or get off track with your nutrition, many times […]
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Confessions of a Sweet Tooth by Kate Horney

Sweet Tooth
I have a “sweet tooth.” In fact, I’ve told many of my clients that I’d be willing to argue that every single tooth in my entire mouth is a sweet tooth. I love anything that’s rich with chocolate, peanut-butter, fudge, you name it. Oh Goodness! I can feel my waistband getting tighter just thinking about […]
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Exercises for Kids by Kate Horney

Kate Horney Workout for Kids
At BeyondFit, we believe it’s important to teach children how to live a healthy life by our example.  When it comes to exercises for kids, with small children- we love that you can turn exercise into a game. Here are some exercises for kids that you can do at home together: Jumping Jacks Frog Jumps Squats […]
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Healthy Breakfast Cookies by Kate Horney

Healthy Breakfast Cookies
The holidays are (finally) past, and a new year is upon us.  Hard to believe that 2015 is already here!!  With the ringing in of a new calendar year comes the season of reflection for New Years Resolutions, and one of the top resolutions is always “I want to lose __ pounds.” One of the […]
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Healthy Roasted Asparagus by Kate Horney

Roasted Asparagus Recipe
Looking for an easy (and delicious) way to get more veggies into your diet?  This recipe is quick and simple and a great healthy side dish to any meal…. What you’ll need: • Bundle of Asparagus • 1 TBS Italian seasoned Panko • Kosher salt to taste • Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste • […]
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3 Healthy Noodle Alternatives

Healthy Noodle Alternatives
Confession: Here at BeyondFit Physiques we are PASTA lovers. But we know that pasta isn’t always physique friendly. In our pre-BeyondFit days, it was a main dish loaded with carbs, but now that we’re living the fat loss lifestyle, we’ve come up with some great pasta alternatives that serve a go-to ingredient when creating low-carb, […]
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Baked Zucchini Chips by Kate Horney

Baked Zucchini Chips
Confession: I’m a total chip lover. From potato chips, tortilla chips, to chocolate chips….I love ‘em all! But that doesn’t work very well with the fat loss lifestyle. So here is a healthy “chip” that won’t wreak havoc on your fat loss goals…. Parmesan Zucchini Chips Ingredients: – 2 medium zucchinis – ¼ cup shredded parmesan […]
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15 Reasons You Should Exercise This Summer

By Kate Horney, BeyondFitPhysiques With busy schedules, vacations, and lots of extra activities, exercise is often the last thing on your mind during the summer months: with According to the Surgeon General’s Physical Activity and Health report, over 60 percent of people aren’t getting enough exercise to provide them with the maximum benefits of wellness! […]
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Exercise Tips: 3 Ways to Burn Fat Longer

Ways to Burn Fat
By Kate Horney, BeyondFitPhysiques At Bikini Boot Camp and in our online BeyondFit Life workouts, we talk a lot about the “fat burning blast” that lasts long after the workout is over.  Our workouts are designed with busy moms in mind- they combine weight training and cardio to give you MORE results in LESS time, […]
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How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Easter Eggs
By Kate Horney, BeyondFitPhysiques When I was growing up, some of my favorite family Easter traditions had to do with eggs:  First on the list, of course, were Reese’s Eggs (you know my love for PB + chocolate) ,  Buuuut a very close second was decorating, hiding, and the finding some “real” Easter eggs with […]
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