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Local Pet Adoption Events

Petsense New Bern
January 27th, 11am – 2pm, Adoption Event featuring Colonial Capital Humane Society February 3rd, 12 – 3pm, Adoption Event and Valentines photo fundraiser featuring The Guardian Animal Foundation (Greenville NC based dog rescue) February 10th, 11am – 2pm, Adoption Event and Valentines photo fundraiser featuring Colonial Capital Humane Society February 17th, 11am – 3pm, Adoption […]
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1st Walk the Waterfront Adopt-A-Thon

Walk theWaterfront Adopt-A-Thon
We enjoyed our interview with April Randolph, Coordinator for the Colonial Capital Humane Society’s New Human Walking Program. It’s being aired on New Bern’s News Talk Radio WNOS 107.5 and 1450AM. Listen to Laura Johnson’s interview with April here: This Saturday, January 30th from 11 am – 2pm, Colonial Capital Humane Society (CCHS) will sponsor the first […]
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Some Ideas for Spring

Springtime for Dogs
This is the time of the year when we are getting outside and re-starting an exercise regime. Yeah, for our dogs. They love it when we take them along. They get to catch up on all the “pee mail” left on mailboxes and see what is new in the neighborhood. They can tell you more […]
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Mr Blue needs a Loving Family

I have a pitbull, Mr. Blue, in my home as a “foster” that I recently pulled from my local shelter. He had been abandoned in a wire crate, left to ride out all the recent snow and cold without shelter, food or water and living in his own waste. I had him vetted, exam, vaccines […]
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Pals for Paws makes it Affordable to Spay and Neuter Pets!

Pals for Paws
Laura Johnson and I sat down with Bonnie Compton, President of Pals for Paws to find out more about her non-profit organization. Listen to Laura’s interview with Bonnie: Pals for Paws has two missions. One is subsidizing the costs of spaying and neutering pets. The other is the New Leash on Life program at […]
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