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Let’s Talk About It with Jane Maulucci

Jane Maulucci
How One Compliment Can Change the World As a restrained Yankee, which may be redundant, compliments (like hugs) are reserved for the people closest to you not the general population. That is how I understood the world to work until I arrived in New Bern. One nondescript morning on my way into Dollar Tree an […]
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A New England Hug

Do you need help?
I was listening to NPR Tuesday morning to a story about how Newtown, CT was managing in the aftermath of last Friday’s tragedy. The reporter captured a sound-bite of a woman who said they were coping by supporting each other with encouragement and hugs. “Not New England hugs,” she said, “Real hugs.” I am a […]
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Small Business: It’s Personal

The Craven Community College Small Business Center Roundtable had their monthly meeting Wednesday morning and the unplanned topic was defining “Small Business”.  The discussion was prompted by asking retail members how they fared through the shopping holidays of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. The response was Friday was okay, but Saturday was lackluster. A […]
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